• I'm based in the U.S. So any processor that works for that where I can issue invoices works for me.

Will you draw X?

  • If I've drawn it before it's a decent bet that I'd draw it again.
  • If you want to know if I'll draw something specific, ask. Worst case I say no.

Turnarounds are ESTIMATES, unless we've discussed a deadline.

  • I will try to honor those estimates but life gets in the way sometimes, if you ever want to inquire on the status of your order please feel free to ask.
  • For queued work I will notify you when I've started working
  • Could be sooner.

I will maintain two types of work, immediate and queued.

  • I will start immediate work upon acceptance & receipt of payment.
  • Immediate work will exist in a soft queue, I may let you know that there is a backlog before accepting your ask if this is the case.
  • Queued work will enter a work queue, I am limiting the length of this queue to 3 for the time being. I will work on these in the order that they are received/appear. I may work on some items concurrently, but the order of the list is the order of priority.

Regarding revisions.

Tier 0 and Tier 1

  • I will not make major revisions.
  • If I've forgotten a minor detail let me know and I'll add it if possible.

Tier 2 and Tier 3

  • The time for revisions is after I've sent you a sketch to approve.
  • After you've approved the sketch it will get increasingly difficult to make major revisions so please call things out as soon as possible..

Tier 4

  • This is a process and may be a big expense on your part so I will try to accommodate revisions through all steps of the process.
  • What I mentioned for Tier 2 and 3 still applies.
  • If it can't be done without significant effort I will let you know and we can discuss options.

I got more than what I asked for...

  • This kind of just happens sometimes.
  • What I'm charging for is the minimum level of work I'm going to do. I won't necessarily do more, but sometimes you just get in the zone y'know.
  • If you're a repeat customer and your last T1 wasn't as detailed as your first T1, then ayy that's why this is here.

Tier 0

Give me a prompt and you get what you get.
Pricing:$15 Flat Fee
Payment Due:Up Front
Turnaround:1 week from acceptance & payment.


Promising a baseline level of effort, you're not going to get a shitty scribble but I might not refine the drawing. If you're asking for something more complicated on this tier expect rougher results.


Tier 1

Reasonably clean sketch.
Payment Due:Up Front
Turnaround:1 week from acceptance & payment.


It'll be like the personal sketches I post, most likely. Clean, but not promising line art. May do some shading.


Tier 2

Something better than a sketch.
Payment Due:Up Front
Turnaround:1-2 weeks from start.


This might be a clean blue-tone drawing, or something with quick but decent shading/coloring. Probably on the simpler side, complexity wise, e.g. Single character. Simple or no background. Busts.


Tier 3

Like Tier 2, but more.
Payment Due:Half up front, half on completion.
Turnaround:1-4 weeks from start.


Rendering similar to tier 2, but more complicated or cleaner. Multiple characters, or multiple angles of the same character. Detailed background elements.


Tier 4

High effort.
Payment Due:Half after sketch is provided & approved, half on completion.


Anything that falls in the high level of effort category, including but not limited to:

  • Paintings.
  • Clean line art.
  • Colored and shaded drawings with clean line art.


  • You could want a painting but a simple one, that might be cheaper than having me color clean line art.
  • All depends on what you're looking for. In general, expect 100$+ if it's a reasonably complicated ask.


  • These are big time commitments.
  • I ask that you have a timeframe in mind when you approach me asking for this type of work.
  • I work better with concrete deadlines.
  • I can provide a ballpark estimate for time to complete but there have been occasions where I've taken months to complete complicated works.
  • I work a full-time job and can't always dedicate all of my free time to drawing, so please keep this in mind and level your expectations accordingly.