If you want to reach me, or see my art, Twitter is a good place.TwitterTwitter (NSFW) Some other socials for fun.PillowFort (SFW/NSFW)DeviantArtYoutubeTumblr (Dead)
Do you take requests? No. Do you take commissions? How much are they, will you draw x? Sometimes, If you're serious and can wait potentially months contact me. Depends, and depends. Try asking. If you want to use my art as a video thumbnail, fanfic image, in a video game mod, etc. Yes, you may. As long as it is freely accessible/available. Tell me about what you used it for, I'd love to see. If you want to use something commercially/for charity. Please contact me.
Sharing my art is fine, Facebook, VK, Reddit, etc. please link the source if possible, and tag appropriately. If you're sharing to Twitter please @ or tag me. You can finish/color my sketches if you want, but please also link the source, tag appropriately, and indicate that your work is an edit.
If you want to send me money for some reason, and: • You're not seeking anything in return. • Have more money that you know what to do with. Ko-Fi